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All listed below did either not have paid for services rendered nor deposited the amount agreed.

=> David McArthur - 9717 E 68th Terr. - Raytown, MO 64133- USA. Total amount due since 2002: USD 410

=> Andreas Ostie - Dresden - Germany USD 86 since May 1999

=> Swen Maier - Leipzig - Total:USD 164 since March 2000

=> Diego Yabar - Roca 865 Vte. Lopez, Buenos Aires +(5411) 4795 5894- USD 80 since January 2001

=> Marilyn & Gaby Gross - PO Box 10922 Palm Desert - CA 92255 tel: 760-341-7640 Total amount due USD 2625 since Nov 2006. They have "paid" only 80% with a personal check and a "stop payment" order for that check !.

=> Dirk Fischer: Passport No. 7952044096 , Kathrin Berger: Passport No.: 7832125549 + Ronny Grosche: Passport No.: 7952082225+ Frank Ziegenbalg: Passport No.: 7662344835 all from Dresden. Total due since Dec 2001: USD 1434

=> Michael & Rhea Josephson: Flew into Rio with AA # 905 arriving on the 8th Dec 07 and took a cruise on board of INSIGNIA. Still due U$ 93 (no show trf out to ship)

=> CAN - Children of All Nations based in Austin, TX did not honour contract for starting accreditation in Brazil/Rio de Janeiro, due USD 750,00 since 17 April 2010. Work has been stopped permanently in Oct 2010.

=> Petr Marek (CZ passport number 39811291) and Monika Markova (CZ passport number 39005743) NO SHOW for transfer to Búzios, from Rio de Janeiro International airport on 28 March 2011 due R$ 120,00

=> ROLANDO PÉREZ OJEDA C.I.: 9.131.850-4
y DELYS GONZÁLEZ AGUILERA C.I.: 16.169.105-4 NO SHOW for transfer to Búzios, from Rio de Janeiro International airport on 18 November 2012 due R$ 140,00

=> Erin Kelly & Chris Garrigan: Passengers did not pay the amount due as follows and according to the Voucher for the service rendered as below explained. Note on the voucher that the trf OUT was originally planned form the 23rd April 2018 to a a Hotel in Ipanema and modified for the 24th to GIG Intl. airport:

Whatsapp conversations:

22/04/18, 17:51 - Pedro: Ok for yuesday.15:30 pick up heading to GIG correct?

22/04/18, 19:57 - Erin: Yes we will be going straight to the airport. Thanks again!

23/04/18, 06:37 - Pedro: Ok. See both soon.

23/04/18, 12:29 - Erin: Hi Pedro.. sorry to do this but we have decided to take the bus back to the airport
so will not need your services tomorrow. It was great to meet you and thanks for getting us to Buzios safely!
All the best :)

23/04/18, 15:41 - Pedro: Noted. Will send an email with my comments later.
Meanwhile read carefully the conditions for sales of
those transfers and conditions for cancelling them also on the voucher left with you.Just to have it clear, the trf back to Rio was NOT paid. The balance then was R$ 650,00 for the trf back which was cancelled today due to the fact that you decided to take a bus back to Rio instead the booked transfer on a private basis.
Regards Pedro Novak

End of whatsapp conversations

Base for charging the amount due:

Considering that you have cancelled the trf back today at 12:29 (via ZAP around noon, less than 72 hours and more than 24 hours before the scheduled trasfer schedule 15:30 of the 24th April) and in that case, a pending balance in my favour of R$ 50% of R$ 650,00 applies, resulting in a debt of R$ 325,00 still to be paid according to the informed selling rules on the voucher and also informed per email on my first reply.

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