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City Tour/Old Rio
S. Bento Monastery, Candelária Church, XV Nov.Square, Telles Arch, Carioca Street, Opera House, New Cathedral, on a walking basis. Maracanã Stadium and Sambodrom upon demand.
Santa Tereza
Ruins Park, Streets of the neighborhood, Selaron Stairs, many stops for pictures.
Favela / Slum
Interactive visit to the Rocinha slum and Gávea Park.
(Day or Night)
Boticário Square, Dona Marta Belvedere, Corcovado, Paineiras crossing if access is open, and São Conrado beach.
Tijuca National Park
(Rain Forest Tour)
Chinese lookout if access is open, Cascatinha waterfall, trail in the Forest, São Conrado Beach - (hang glider's landing beach)
Tijuca or Parrot Peak
250 (A/B/C)
Approx. 1:30 hrs of hiking up to the highest point of the National Park (1021 meters above sea level)
Santa Cruz Fortress
(Farwell Tour)
210 (A/B/C)
Rio - Niterói bridge, MAC Museum, Icaraí beach, guided visit of the Fortress, City Park and hang glider's takeoff ramp- sunset and view of Rio. (Option: ending at the Airport!)
Grumari - 1*
210 (A-C)
Barra da Tijuca section, Grumari wild beaches, Banana Plantation Safari and Sugar Cane Distillery visitation.
Grumari - 2*
250 (A-C)
Same as above with time for bath and lunch. Optional: Burle Marx Botanical Garden or Casa do Pontal Museum, reservation needed.
Arraial do Cabo*
(Overnight Optional)
470 (B/C)
The most beautiful beaches of the State of Rio (180 km east), sand dunes, Pontal do Atalaia, time for bathing, lunch, boat tour with snorkeling or scuba diving.
Coffee Farm *
570 (B/C)
Visit to the Fazenda Ponte Alta at Barra do Piraí. Typical country lunch included.
500 (B/C)
Historical Center, Sugar Cane distillery and an old Farm with Museum. Boat Tour and overnight recommended. Drop off at GRU airport in Sao Paulo recommended!
Itatiaia National Park- Visitor's Center
** (B/C)
Overnight at Hotel Aldeia dos Passaros or similar, Véu da Noiva Waterfall, the Blue Lagoon, hiking to the Three Peaks possible, Fauna Museum. Recommended for birdwatchers.
Tiradentes, Congonhas,
Ouro Preto and Mariana
** (B/C)
Visit to the Historical Baroque Cities, a World Cultural Heritage Sites. Minimum 3 overnights.
Terezópolis / Petrópolis*
500 (B/C)
Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Imperial Museum and complete City Tour. Price pp for 3 or more has discount.
1) Children up to 12 years: 50% discount. ** =>Under request - Pax = Passenger
2) Tours with A/C min. 2 and max. 4 persons; with B min. 4 persons.
3) A = open car/Jeep:Since JUNE 2021 not available anymore B= Van C= 4 door SW .
4 ) Languages: English-Franch-German-Hungarian-Italian and Spanish.
5 ) Tolls, tkts, parking, local operators and meals not included except where stated.
6 )
* Fuel extra for tours when round trip is over 100 km.

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