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If you would like a nice, quiet, relaxing way to end your vacation in Brazil, then consider spending your last few days in Arraial do Cabo. This bucolic village has not yet been discovered by the jet set. Here you will feel safe among the "real" people of Brazil. You can get close to the nature, while still enjoying excellent seafood restaurants and all the comforts of home in a three bedroom house or an old-fashioned pousada. Arraial do Cabo has fantastic beaches and unforgettable scenery that will remain in your memories for a lifetime. So, use your last few days in Brazil as a way to recharge your batteries and go home with a true taste of Paradise.

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           Arraial do Cabo, a picturesque fishing village, is 170 km east of Rio and 36 km southwest of  Buzios. It takes about 2 1/2  hours to  drive there from Rio, a back in time to a simpler, unspoiled, safe and unpolluted life.
           Spend one night at Buzios,  where the nightlife is one of the best of the region  during high season. Bus connection between  Arraial and Buzios is easy.  Nice  restaurants with agreeable ambience offer a delightful dining experience in one of the many restaurants available.
           Spend one day, part or even your entire vacation at Arraial do Cabo, the Diving Capital of Brazil, where the crystal clear waters contain abundant sea horses, turtles, squids, and whales. This village is so small that you do not need a car  to get around. Your trip to Paradise can be planned in connection with a short stay in Rio so that your vacation time is a maximum, returning directly to the airport in  plenty of time to catch your next flight. 
               Salt extraction plants
     On the way to Arraial we can see how cooking salt is obtained by the    old-fashioned method of evaporation of the salty waters of the Araruama lagoon. Iodine is added to the extracted salt before it is packed. It is a hard work in the sunniest area of the state of Rio.
                    Praia do Forno
      One of the most beautiful  and  popular beaches is just a few minutes hike from the quay  of  Arraial.     Its  quiet  and crystal clear  waters  are ideal for snorkeling. Some huts along the beach offer fried fish with a cold beer. Access only walking or by boat.
                     The Prainhas
      The Prainhas, another beautiful, white sand beach with a fantastic  view  of Cabo Frio Island,  is  located  in  the Pontal do Atalaia gated  community, which is normally crowded during high season. Acess by boat, walking  or  by car. Frequently we can find topless women at one end of the beach.
                 A special boat tour
      One of your best memories of your stay will undoubtedly be the 4 hours boat tour along  the Pontal  do  Atalaia    the Prainhas (with a stop to swim/snorkel), the Blue Cavern, the new  Lighthouse, and on the way back a stop at the Praia do Farol, one of  the  most  beautiful beaches of the country, ending at the Praia do Forno.
                   The Praia Grande
      The Praia Grande (big beach) is a 40 km long beach facing South. Sometimes cold water from the South Pole carries a rich supply of plankton that attracts fish and whales that can be observed during the months of June through November keeping the area with plenty of food for whales during their season.
                     Scuba Diving
        If you like scuba diving, Arraial can be a dream come true.    Many    diving agencies operate here. You can rent a house or stay in a nice Pousada very inexpensively. Bring  your  friends  or Family and forget the problems of the World while enjoying a fish barbecue with your friends !
(*) At least one overnight is recommended.

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