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If you are arriving or leaving Brazil by landing in or taking off from Sao Paulo ( GRU airport) and need to go to Rio, you can add an intelligent way to learn more of Brazil by inserting a relaxing and interesting trip into your itinerary by making the leg GRU-Rio by car and seeing Paraty, which is located only 2 1/2 hours from that airport and half way to Rio along the scenic "Green Coast".

Give it a thought !


Trindade, one of the beaches
General view of Parati-Mirim
You'll feel like an explorer as you see Trindade, which is only 17 mi (27 km) from Paraty. It's like a step back in time as you wander 20 minutes along a winding path through the forest to a natural swimming pool called "Cachadaço".
The silence is intense in this old slave port about 12 miles (19 km) from Paraty. We will visit an Indian Reservation and a restored church, and see the ruins of an old farm and an aged stone quay. Fresh shrimp and cold beer will complete the itinerary.
The Murycana Farm
Ruins of an old waterwheel
                 Fazenda Murycana
Near the road to Cunha, 5 mi (8 km) from Paraty, this old coffee and sugar cane farm is now a museum and a restaurant where you can have a nice country food meal and taste their products. The Corisco distillery, our next stop, alllows us the opportunity to see how cachaça is made and to sample at several steps in the manufacturing process.
                   A special boat tour
What a unique way to view the old waterplant where manioc flour (farinha de mandioca) was milled! This tour offers the memorable experience of snorkeling among small fish, or for the fisherman, the chance to "wet a line" in a land that time has forgotten. An interesting option is to stop at Parati- Mirim and from there to return by bus back to Paraty.
The "Poço da Lage"
Enjoying Paraty at night
The countryside around Paraty contains many waterfalls. Beginning in the Bocaina National Park and crossing the Cunha Road, waterfalls are visible from the highway, others are within the park. The "Poço da Lage" is one of the side trips that will fill your memory bank with smiles.
                     Paraty by Night
Paraty is transformed by night. Music bars abound where you can find jazz or Brazilian popular music. Also a special treat in August is the "Pinga Festival". "Pinga"or "cachaça" is a distilled liquor made from sugar cane. Paraty by Night is for those who would have memories of the REAL Brazil, and not just the tourist sites.
*At least one overnight stay is recommended.

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