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A recommended suggestion is to include in the Amazon Tour two overnights at least in Santarém. The area has also many archeological sites with painted rock walls of more than 30.000 years. The whole area has an enormous potential for explorations of archeological sites, normally close to tributaries of the Amazon River. From Santarem an interesting extension is to continue to Alter do Chão, Belterra, Fordlandia and finally to Alta Floresta to explore the Cristalino River area, close to the agricultural boarder of Brazil.

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Santarém and Alter do Chão

     This tour leaves Rio by plane to Belém, is an additional option suitable for the Amazon Tour, and can be included in your trip. Santarém, a fluvial port midway to Manaus, has many archeological areas nearby and a very interesting Museum with lots of of the" Cerâmica Tapajônica" from the Tapajós indians: Mundurucus, Apiacás and Maués. The Port of Santarém is more a quay for local passengers and transportation between cities along the rivers than a port, right at the beach along the Tapajós Avenue. There is a new terminal (port) mainly for export of lumber, cereals and soy. Alter do Chão, a fantastic "River Beach Village" is only 32 km from the city. The clear waters of the Tapajós River for sure will make your stay longer there. Floresta Nacional do Tapajós (FLONA): About 80 km from Santarém, this reserve is worth a visit, but the visitation conditions are precarious and need a permission from ICMBio. Animals and birds can be observed easily in that protected area. From there it is advisable to proceed to Aveiro and then to Fordlândia. The closest big city from Fordlândia is Itaituba and thereon we can leave for Alta Floresta to the Cristalino area, and later to Chapada dos Guimarães, close to Cuiabá. Best season to stay there is during winter time, from June to November

       About 1370 km from Belém by road, Santarém can also be reached by air and by boat. Belterra and Fordlândia still have the ruins of what was left of Henry's Ford huge rubber plantations from the 20's. It is worth a visit in both areas departing from Santarém. Bus connection is available and roads are still partially unpaved. During the rainy season sometimes it is impossible to proceed.

                     Santarém                              The "port" of Santarém offers a picturesque scenery of all kind of transported goods. It is a life experience just to stay there and watch. The city itself has still old constructions and has an excellent Museum with Indian, archeological and ceramic art found during excavations, mainly pre-Colombian pottery.

                      Alter do Chão   
   This is one of the most popular weekend areas for those who live in Santarém, clear water, good food, and fantastic beaches with plenty of options to enjoy your stay. There is also a Museum with plenty of Indian art and exhibit considered on of the most complete of the whole Amazon area. Kayaking, hiking or having a beer enjoying the water temperature is one of the ways to have fun there.

  Cuiabá and Chapada dos Guimarães       Chapada dos Guimarães, 70 km from Cuiabá is a National Park and its major attraction is a waterfall of 86 m high called "Véu de Noiva". There are many trails and waterfalls to be explored, and about 50 archeological sites with painted panels, many animals to be seen and documented. A local guide is mandatory to visit the Park. Cuiabá is hot and has an interesting historical area preserved still from the Gold rush time.

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