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If you are planning to go to Salvador after touring Rio, why not see some of the interesting sights in between these two great cities? Try a side trip to Porto Seguro  passing by Campos, Vitoria, Caravelas and Abrolhos. From Porto Seguro you can go to Salvador by plane or by bus.

Planning to go to Ouro Preto??
If so, why not add stops at two of Brazil's hidden treasures: Tiradentes and Congonhas on the way. The countryside is molded into fantastic landscape that hide some of the finest old sugar- cane distilleries where you can sample Brazil's famous "Cachaça" direct from the still. After disappearing into the past at Ouro Preto, you can catch a flight to your next destination at Belo Horizonte.

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Tours to other States
                                       Historical Cities - Minas Gerais State
     A taylor made tour departing normally from Rio de Janeiro, passing by Petrópolis, with a visit to the Imperial Museum, Congonhas, and driving along the Imperial Road (the Golden Road which started at Paraty) to Ouro Prêto. Basically it is a visit into the past: baroque-colonial constructions well restaured, many Churches and museums and most of Aleijadinho's works and sculptures to be admired. Diamantina and Tiradentes are also suggested as extensions.
                             Pantanal and Bonito -  Mato Grosso do Sul State
         An exciting adventure starting at Corumbá or Cuiabá, with camping, fishing, horseback riding, many animals, and day by day life of a "Fazenda Pantaneira". A photographic safari and walking tour are also included.
                 Surface snorkeling in crystal clear waters, hiking among fantastic waterfalls. Highly recomended for those who were at Pantanal, because it's not so far from there and is a fantastic spot to see fish during a surface snorkeling tour or a hiking tour with lots of waterfalls. Pictures: The Aquidaban Waterfall and surface snorkeling departure.
                                      Amazon, Belém, Marajó, and Manaus
   The Amazon Tour starts at Belém with the Ver-o-Pêso market and Marajó Island with its buffalo Farms. The pictures show a shrimp vendor beside Ver-o-Peso Market, the most visited attraction in Belém, and your guide riding a buffalo at Soure, the capital of Marajó Island.
     The boat trip starts in Manaus, moving upstream on the Rio Negro. Overnights on hammocks, at beaches and native's houses. Pictures: A floating dock where we bought our food before departure, and some good fish we caught after one hour fishing!. We grilled them of course. The rainy season is from December to April / May, July is high season, and the dry season is from August to November.


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