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If you would like a different way to end your stay in Brazil, then consider one of the options here listed. The leg Rio-Paraty has got  fantastic beaches and unforgettable sceneries that will remain in your memories for a lifetime. Try to plan and use your first or last few days in Brazil as a way to keep your batteries charged and go home with a true taste of Paradise. Book now your transfer from your hotel in Rio to take your flight back home (at GRU Airport) avoiding to fly out from Rio.

Be informed that Rio and Sao Paulo have 2 Airports each, one right in the centre of the cities ( SDU and CGH) and the other outside the city ( GRU). GIG airport in Rio is 23 km from the city.

SDU and CGH have very conveniently located shuttle Rio-Sao Paulo flights and offer an excelent bus shuttle service between International Airports.

Try it!



          Imagine how nice could end (or begin) your trip and stay in Rio if you can plan it with a maximized efficiency! It can save your time and money. Just to give you an example: You fly into Rio (GIG) or arrive on a cruise and plan to have a flight leaving Rio with a stop in Guarulhos-GRU Airport ( Sao Paulo), you can change it by leaving from GRU instead of GIG. You will then have time to see Paraty-one of the Historical Cities in Brazil, the nearest one from Rio, Ilha Grande and the Green Coast (a very scenic road between Rio and Sao Paulo). In that case, you may plan a "Transfer Tour" from Rio to GRU Airport by car with an overnight in Paraty - and the next day, - be dropped off at that Airport in time to get on your flight. No travel guide books gives you that precious information !

          What is a "TRANSFER TOUR" ? It is not only a transfer but also a tour, normally with overnight(s), stops and shorter than a regular tour. To do just a transfer with a driver is not having the chance to know all the particularities and the history of the places you will pass by. We aim flexibility and are focused on the client expectations including stops to take pictures and even interact with locals who live there.

         You can have similar schemes included in your plans: Petropolis, Tiradentes and/or Ouro Preto on your way to the Pantanal, Manaus, Salvador or anywhere else considering the appropriate logistics and costs for that.

          BASIC OPTIONS: Rio- Angra-Paraty, Rio-Ilha Grande-Paraty, Rio-Paraty-Sao Paulo (GRU) Airport, Rio-Itatiaia-Sao Paulo (GRU) Airport; Rio- Belo Horizonte Airport (CNF) with overnights inTiradentes and/or Ouro Preto. For Búzios click here. Any other place near the ones mentioned are also available. Pick up at Airports or towns outside Rio and driving into Rio is also suggested. Pousadas for overnights will be recommended and reserved through us if you want so.

RESERVATIONS With at least 3 weeks in advance, please inform: dates and flights numbers, passengers, ( should range normally from 1 to 4, & weight) and luggage amount.
               Hotel pick-up in Rio
     Your whole group or family with luggage ready for a departure (picture above) to for a wedding at Ilha Bela, Sao Paulo with an overnight at Paraty.
                    Half way stop
      About half way of your journey you will have a break for refreshments and some stretching at a gas station or an idylic place as above near Paraty.
              Personal assistance
      During the whole trip you will be provided with all kind of information related to the places we are going to pass by
or stop as Ilha Bela (above) and clarify questions you may have including your next destination and what to do there.
            Arriving at GRU Airport 
      After an overnight at Paraty we continue to GRU Airport with a stop for lunch at the historical town of São Luis doParaitinga (where Oswaldo Cruz, a famous sanitarist; was born in 1872) on the way to GRU Airport.
    Ilha Grande from Mangaratiba
     To go to Ilha Grande the best option from Rio is to head for Mangaratiba and take there the Ferry that leaves at 8:00 am. Heading to Paraty take the ferry to Angra at 10:00 am.
       Between Paraty and Ubatuba the old fishing village has only one pousada and spectacular beaches nearby. End of vacations and time to get back to the Airport.

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