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If you are planning to come to Brazil on business or to pick up a family member (missionaries, students or volunteers), you can add an intelligent way to learn more of Brazil by inserting a relaxing and interesting trip into your itinerary.

For Birdwatchers, the Superagüi National Park, a Nature Research area is a must see, and for Speleologists, the most beautiful caves in Brazil are close to Apiaí and Eldorado, but have restricted access.

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                         Curitiba, Paranaguá and Iguaçú
       The state of Paraná offers diversity ranging from the Atlantic Rain Forest and heavenly beaches to semi-arid areas such as Vila Velha National Park in Ponta Grossa (135 km from Curitiba) with its exotic sandstone formations. Evidence of intensive European immigration can be found everywhere including villages where only the European mother tongue is spoken.
Agriculture and industry are the main economic activities. A business trip coupled with tourism recently became very common among overseas visitors. A car drive including Curitiba, Paranagua, Ilha do Mel, and Morretes and passing by Sao Paulo is a worthwhile experience if you have somebody who can safely show you the interesting and hidden sites along that way. The starting and ending points of your trip can be decided in such a way to take advantage of your scheduled arrival and departure.
        Curitiba is easy and interesting to see using the "Linha Turismo" bus that stops at 22 destinations where you can get off, explore
the attraction, and take the next bus. The "Eye" Museum, (by Oscar Niemayer), the Ukrainian Memorial, the German Wood, the "24 Hours " and Flowers Streets, are some of the attractions which should not be missed.
                   Paranaguá Train                    The 110 km long train ride to Paranaguá should not be left for another occasion, even if it rains. You will see these marvelous engineering feats: 13 tunnels carved through solid rock; 41 riveted steel beam viaducts imported from Belgium; 32 bridges; and 15 stations. [Built in 1885 and projected by the first two Brazilian black engineers, the Rebouças brothers and João Teixeira Soares responsible for the two largest viaducts.
                          Morretes                               Morretes, half way to Paranaguá, is and old colonial town founded around 1721, peaceful place to enjoy the riverside sitting under a nice Flamboyant's shade. This small town is the most interesting in the area and has a nice pedestrian area with well conserved colonial buildings. The access along the "Estrada da Graciosa" dated 1873 has fascinating scenery.
                         Antonina                           Antonina, close to Morretes, is less well preserved and less touristic, but it has a nice old "Municipal Theater" dated 1875, and excellent seafood restaurants. Not to be missed is a short walk to the "Pedra do Penhasco", the highest point of the city from where a panoramic view of the Paranaguá bay can be enjoyed.
                      Foz do Iguaçú
     Called Iguazu or simply Iguaçu, this unique Gift of Nature is a must see and should be included in your plans. The Itaipu Power Plant, the Falls itself, the Safari Macuco - a fantastic boat ride up to inside the Falls- a helicopter flight and the Birds Park are some of the options you should consider. Suggested overnight at Pousada El Shaddai, or Pousada Natureza Foz, both walking distance from the city bus terminal (Terminal Urbano).
         Safari Macuco and Birds Park
     These two local tours can be combined in one half day. The Safari Macuco will raise your adrenaline level; whereas the peaceful Birds Park will return it to normal. Enjoy birds, butterflies and a sub-tropical environment walking in freedom among those animals and make the best memories of your trip.

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