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Arraial do Cabo seen  from the Old Lighthouse

Who we are and what can be offered

        Private Tours was founded in 1992 by Pedro Novak as a meaningful alternative to the impersonal canned bus tours that most visitors take. Pedro is a former engineer, navy officer and boy scout. He was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He is of Hungarian and Russian origin and speak seven languages: English, German, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian and of course Portuguese.

          In 1991, after 18 years as a quality and inspection engineer, he became a Tour Guide leading bus trips to Porto Seguro (Bahia State), to the Historical Cities of Minas Gerais - Ouro Preto - and Iguaçú Falls.

          One year later he went on his own and began leading private tours and adventures to some of the most interesting places in Brazil -- places that are not offered by travel agencies, that tourists generally cannot go by themselves, or that require specialized knowledge.

          All of his tours are highly personalized, can be customized, and accomodate no more than four people in a Jeep used in and around Rio, or in a station wagon, which is used for transfers, tours outside Rio, and tours or transfers beginning/ending in other cities.

          No travel agency offers such individualized and unique services to so many destinations.


        If You have been dreaming to travel somewhere in South America, has conditions for that but do not have the right person or companion to participate on that project, why not to try Private Tours ?
Safety, logistics and traffic problems led Private Tours to offer this alternative to a meaningful way to know the country and its peolple living aside of the social and political problems.
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