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     If you are coming to Brazil and want a lodge which is considered the most enviromentally & ecologically correct, try the Araras Lodge, access is from Cuiabá. You will know the pioneer of the lodges of the Pantanal area.
Have a good stay there !


Pantanal and Bonito
                                      Pantanal - Mato Grosso do Sul State
          Corumbá our starting point, was founded in 1778 on the Paraguai River. It was the third biggest fluvial port of South America until 1930. A short boat tour in front of the city gives a rough idea of the greatness of this city in the past. The Vasquez & Filhos building, among many others should be visited. Next, we will drive 5 hours to the Nhecolândia area, where we will see many of the wild animals unique to the Pantanal: capibaras, macaws, deers, otters, anteaters, caymans, and the Tuiuiú the symbol of the Pantanal. Later on a walking tour, we will see monkeys, fish piranhas and will end the day horseback riding and watching the famous Pantanal sunset. We can overnight at a camping area or a nearby farm.
                                        Bonito - Mato Grosso do Sul State
          Bonito is only 5 hours by bus from Corumbá and is a must-see for those who are in the Pantanal area. During a two-day tour, we can see most of the attractions of this paradise. On day 1 we will visit the Blue Lagoon and the Aqu
idaban Waterfalls. On day 2 we will snorkel while floating down the Rio da Prata. We will see all kinds of fish, and, with luck an anaconda resting. Underwater springs exiting from the sand make the water appear to boil. Most attractions are outside the village and need to be booked in advance through local operators.

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